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Manual Testing

Compare with Test automation. Manual testing is the process of manually testing software for defects. It requires a tester to play the role of an end user whereby they use most of the application's features to ensure correct behavior.


Every software company needs Quality Assurance Testers who is responsible to test the software before sending the application for production. This comprehensive Manual Software Testing training course will emphasize the thorough process of Software Testing, which includes planning, scheduling, test scenarios, error analysis, and so on. It includes topics such as understanding non-functional testing like performance testing with regression testing, text execution, preventive measures, generating test reports, and test metrics. The course includes JIRA with Zephyr Plugins, Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) and how to work on day to day project management with the board.

Course Contents

  • SDLC Process
  • Waterfall Methodology
  • Agile Methodologies including Scrum
  • Basic framework of software testing, use cases, and related terminology
  • Designing various test cases and understanding the techniques involved
  • Testing for various configurations and managing the risk involved
  • Skills needed for identifying and preventing defects
  • JIRA as test management tool
  • Log defect identification


Other Popular Technologies

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Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

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Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is a portable framework for testing web applications.

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