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UpRight Tech Solutions was founded on the desire to develop long-standing relationships with our progressive clients by high-technical consulting resources and other services at a very good rate. As former consultants, we believe that honesty is at the forefront of our business. We also believe that we can build a lot of relationships, but none is as strong and as long-term as a relationship with honesty.

We also believe in integrity that means doing the best thing even though it is unknown to everybody. We intend to work with our community which is high-priority always to us as want our community would grow as a high-technical organization.

What We Do

UpRight Tech Solutions uses an innovative approach that focuses on the needs of the clients we serve. While many of our clients face similar business and technology challenges, no two companies are alike. We focus on first gaining a deep understanding of our client’s business processes, their supporting technologies, and objectives of what they are trying to accomplish. Based on the business needs and objectives we provide our best resources to our business partners. We provide necessary training to our resources and all out support for their day to day upgradation of high -technical expertise. This approach helps clients to save their valuable efforts on estimated training to the resources. These overall approach helps our consultants to provide their best in the ongoing projects. Once we gain the trust, we then move forward to a collaborative approach to shape and implement the solutions that meet the business objectives. We also engage ourselves with the business process owners and users and the team members so that we can get better idea of the internal process and give the best solution to our clients.

Our Practices

A framework defines a set of rules or best practices that we can follow in a systematic way to achieve the desired results. So, the above-mentioned test automation frameworks deal with best practices to achieve the goals of our automation project.

There are different kinds of framework we will introduce to you.
1. Linear Scripting Framework
2. Modular Testing Framework
3. Data-driven Framework
4. Keyword Driven Testing Framework
5. Hybrid Driven Testing Framework
6. Behavior Driven Development Testing Framework

Even though we have seen different types of test automation frameworks. Popular test automation frameworks out of all are Data driven framework, Keyword driven framework, and Hybrid framework.


Agile software teams made retrospective meetings popular, but they are great for all teams. Here is how to run basic retrospectives, and how to adapt them to suit your team. An Agile retrospective is a meeting that is held at the end of an iteration in Agile software development. During the retrospective, the team reflects on what happened in the iteration and identifies actions for improvement going forward. A retrospective meeting should have Inspect how the last Sprint went with regards to people, relationships, process, and tools. Identify and order the major items that went well and potential improvements; and, Create a plan for implementing improvements to the way the Scrum Team does its work. Team talk about the impediments they have faced previous sprint and find out solutions to resolve the problems and can go forward without issues.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles are generally defined as the positions that each person on a team assumes — for example on a product team you might have a Product Manager role, a Product Designer role, etc. Responsibilities are the specific tasks or duties that team members are expected to carry out as part of their role The key to successful team building is creating unity while celebrating the individuality of each team member => Common purpose supported by unique contributions Team is held responsible for a release, individuals are held accountable to their commitments Each team member has one or more roles on a project When a team member has more than one role on a project, potential conflicts may occur. Always think checks & balances before signing up for multiple roles